Thursday, April 28, 2016

Love is shirt, shirt is love

Dan and I celebrated 9 years of wedded bliss today.  

When I got home today, there was a bouquet of flowers waiting for me on the dining room table.  Beautiful, purchased at Sam's club and stored in a vase we already owned, just like I like.  Savings.

But there was a time that flowers were hard to come by in my house, and as it turns out - it was my fault:

For years after Dan and I started dating/got married, a strange thing would happen every time I did something nice for Dan.  While thanking me, he would say, "I'm gonna get you a shirt." Or, "let's go get you a shirt!"

Finally, one day after Dan made this sort of compliment and offer to me, I asked him,"why do you always tell me you're going to get me a shirt?"

So he explained.  Apparently, at some point shortly after we started dating, a young opinionated version of myself proclaimed, "I think flowers are such a waste of money!"

I went on to tell Dan, "I mean, for that kind of money, I'd much rather have a shirt!"

And so, the idealistic ramblings of a 24-year old Amanda became law for Dan for the better part of a decade.

I do still think if you're gonna spend 40 bucks on something, better to spend it on something that won't end up in the trash in 5 days.  That being said, the roses on my table are very nice.  And so is Dan.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

No iPhone Left Behind

I have a huge amount of social anxiety which I can usually mask in short spurts with bravado that leaves me exhausted and nervous that everyone I just interacted with can't stand me. I'm a real treat.

This morning, I had to conduct a Q&A training session in front of around 25 co-workers.  By all accounts, it went fine.  I gave helpful guidance, people asked good questions and when I was finished, they were very kind, thanking me and inviting me back for another future session.

I left feeling really good and they moved on to another training session in the room.  

Then I got to my car and I realized I had left my phone in the conference room.  And I very genuinely considered leaving without it and driving back to my own office without any regard for how I would ever get it back.  All to avoid having to reappear in front of everyone to get it.

Thank God I found it in a small pocket of my purse a few seconds later.