Friday, October 26, 2012

Only One Chance to Make a First Impression

Today, I arrived at work just as one of the many corporate engineers was leaving.  These guys have been here helping out as our station transitions to high definition and changes locations.  They are basically strangers to me.  But this man was nice enough to wait and hold the door for me.

As I passed him, I waved, smiled and said thank you - so friendly.  He gave me a weird look and did not return a greeting or hand gesture.

"What's HIS problem," I thought as I headed to my desk and put my stuff down.

It was then I noticed my shirt had ridden up about 7 inches, exposing a good portion of my large 6 months pregnant belly.


Monday, April 30, 2012

Little's Blog

Daniel and I got into an in-depth discussion tonight about what kind of blog our dog, The Little, would have.  Yeah, we're THAT kind of dog owners.  Dan says the blog would be called "The Little Things."  I suggested it would primarily be about living on a farm (her interpretation of our regular sized backyard), how much sleep is required for good health (she suggests 12-15 hours a day AT LEAST!), and musings about what could possibly be in the garbage can (she can't see what's in there 'cause there's a lid, but she is confident by the smell that it's delicious.)

She would also have witty stories about what it's like to live with two old men who don't want to play and recommendations about the best places in the house to sit, generally speaking any place that has been forbidden is a top spot for snoozing.

But ultimately she has decided not to bother, deeming it not lucrative without a book deal.  (Look for "The Little Things on a bookstore shelf near you in 2014, y'all!)