Wednesday, September 14, 2011


For the last couple days I have been the kind of sick that is a total waste of sick days. Meaning I have been so incapacitated by illness that the 48 hours were a blur of laying very still in dark rooms (no relief from sleep), interrupted only by sudden unexpected trips to the bathroom. (sorry)

And while I am not this ill very often, when I am it throws my husband for a total loop. He is stressed out and lonely waiting for me to get better and not knowing quite want to do with himself.

Yesterday, while I was curled up in the bed, Dan crept very quietly into the bedroom. Moved slowly across the the carpet and peered over my blanket covered shoulder with a concerned look.

Then quietly, very quietly, he whispered, "Dubby? (my pet name, sometimes)...Dubby?"

".....what do you think I should eat?"