Sunday, December 19, 2010

Old People

I bought my husband a PS3 for his birthday.  A very awesome gift that goes beyond the boundaries of what I would normally spend on a present.  Especially since I have never owned a game system and the last one he has was a Sega Genesis.

And he loved it.

But after a few days of playing it, I asked him (fishing for praise about how lovely I am) how he liked it.

He said, "It's great, but I hate how close I have to sit to the television to play it. The cord that connects it to the console is so short I can't even sit on the couch, I have to sit on the floor to play."

With hands on my hips I agreed with him saying, "Man, you would think that with all the improvements they have made with video games, the controller it comes with could at least be wireless.  I mean, how hard is that!"

Fast forward to a few days later, he is at work talking to the kids that work at his store, complaining about the same problem.

One of them rolls their eyes and tells him, "Hey grandpa, the cord is just so you can charge the controller you don't have to leave it plugged in while you play."

Who knew?